Southwest Boat gets new
barge up and running

By Laurie Schreiber
From The Bar Harbor Times

SOUTHWEST HARBOR—Triton, son of Neptune, was powerhouse among the sea deities, able to calm the ocean and abate storms.
A new barge named after the Greek god will also do its share to make the marine world run smoothly.
The Triton was launched last week by its new owner, Jeff Berzinis, at Southwest Boat Marine Services.
Mr. Berzinis bought the barge, then known as the Salvage II, two years ago after it sank under the ownership of Swans Island Aquaculture, which had used it for about eight years to service pens.
Mr. Berzinis plans to use the 59-foot barge, which can carry 30 tons, to fill a niche in marine construction, moorings, and salvage work. Getting the craft in running order and operating it are Pete Berzinis, Sean McLaughlin, and Al Price.
The Triton joins Mr. Berzinis's 64 1/2-foot barge Neptune, launched in 2000 to service the outer islands and capable of taking 60 tons. The Triton's reconditioning, said Mr. McLaughlin, included replacement of about a third of the hull's steel, work on the original engine and hydraulics, an installation of new wiring and electronics. Overnight accommodations have been installed. The vessel is powered by two 671 Detroit diesel engines. Electronics include a GPS depth sounder, two WHFs, and radar. The engine has been sound roofed with Styrofoam and lead shielding.
The Triton this week began work in Bass Harbor servicing moorings for an number of commercial fishermen, which will be followed in coming weeks by jobs in Seal Cove, Sawyer's Cove, Swans Island and Frenchboro.
"We'd like to get the word out that we're here," said Mr. Price.
Use of the Neptune has become a popular option, said Jeff Berzinis. The barge was on the water about 200 days over the past year.
"This complements that service," he said.

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